Karena Wynn-MoylanStudio Sale

Buy direct from the artist!

 Studio Sale / OPEN STUDIO -November  2016





Proceeds from this sale will be going towards my next radio documentary- the works shown here are all up to 50% off gallery prices!


Dimensions are in metric,  title and original price and sale price will be shown and the medium.


You can put in a bid for a piece if you can't make it into my studio. I will consider offers and discounts for multiple purchases



              'The Edges Blur, then I am sure'

Oil on Russian Linen           100cms X 75cms                    Price:  $2,700      SOLD             SALE PRICE:  $1650







 'You have left, and I see rainbows in your footprints'

Oil on Russian Linen       100cms X 90cms               Price: 3,700.00     SOLD              SALE PRICE : $ 2,500





 'When I remember your weather, it is cloudy'

 Oil on Russian Linen           100cms X 90cms          Price: 3,700.00                SOLD     SALE PRICE   :   $2,500



 'Listening for the sky to Change'

OIl on Cotton Duck            92cms X 102cms               Price: 4,900                         SALE PRICE:        $2,650  





         'The Solace of the sighing sea....'

Oil on Russian Linen         112cms X 71cms               Price: 2,855                        SALE PRICE:                $1250




 'My Sky filled up with colours....'

Oil on Cotton duck               100cms X 60cms              Price: 2,900                          SALE PRICE:                $1250     



 'The wind leaves a trail we all can follow"

 Oil on Russian Linen  100cms X 90cms       Price: 2.900                SOLD    SALE PRICE :     $1250


 'I see Transformation, not decision'

 Oil on Russian Linen        96cms X 81cms        Price: 3.500           SALE PRICE :     $ 2,650


        'Pink Parrot Tulip'


Oil on LInen                         90cms x 65cms         Price : 1200            SOLD          SALE PRICE:      $900